8 Breast Cancer Myths Debunked

What do you think when the term breast cancer comes to your mind? “It won’t happen to me because no one in my family has it.” “It only happens to women who wear underwired bras.” “Breast implants and cancer go hand-in-hand.” Don’t be silly – it is easy to get swayed by such thoughts. After all – the fear of…

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The Complete Guide To Mammography

The numbers of breast cancer patients in India is increasing by the day. Over 8.8 lac deaths by 2020 are predicted due to the serious disease, reports Indian Council of Medical Research. Currently, breast cancer accounts for 27% of all cancers in women in India. What’s more disturbing is even though there is an increased awareness about it, not a…

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Testing For Breast Cancer? There Are Apps For That!

“Breast cancer? That won’t be happen to me!” “Breast cancer? Don’t scare me.” “Breast cancer? Haven’t thought about it!” These are a few common reactions towards the leading cause of death amongst women aged 20-59 years across the globe. People still don’t get the point that they could have a disease growing inside their body, even if they don’t feel…

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