#FightingBreastCancer: A Guide To Using Brexa App Effectively


Do you know the leading cause of death among women from the age group of 20-50 years in the world? Breast cancer – that’s right. Back in 2012, nearly 1.7 million cases of the disease were diagnosed worldwide. We agree the statistic is shocking but there’s more.

Speaking of just India, one out of 22 women develops breast cancer and one of two dies because of it, CORE Diagnostics and Cytecare Cancer Hospitals reports. By 2020, over 8.8 lac deaths are predicted due to the disease. 2020 may sound futuristic but it is less than two years away.

Our breast cancer expert Dr. Sreehari K Pillai MD, MRCP at Brexa understands women are hesitant to get their breasts checked annually via mammography. Lack of awareness, fear of pain during mammogram screening, costly tests, are some of the reasons for the same.

But he also points out that the disease starts to develop in the body about three to five years before it actually becomes symptomatic, which is why it is necessary to act on breast cancer sooner rather than later. But guess what? 17% of India’s population is currently suffering from breast cancer.

Brexa app joins the fight against breast cancer

Brexa was conceived to fulfill just one mission – to give women access to breast cancer screening, even if they live in remote areas. It aims to not only spread awareness about breast cancer but also to ensure women are taking the right precautions to detect the disease early.

The mobile app, available on Google Play and Apple App Stores, uses voice instructions and animated videos to help the user to examine her breasts on her own at home. Let us dig deeper into the five wonders that Brexa app performs:

1) Automates breast cancer prevention

The user can set a monthly reminder on the app to do a breast self-exam (BSE). This way, if the exam finds a lump or any symptom of breast cancer, she can take a timely action and visit a cancer specialist at the earliest.


2) Enables BSE at home

Meet Vesna, the virtual assistant of Brexa. She guides the user through the breast self-exam on the mobile app via voice and text. To learn more about the BSE steps, please click here.


3)  Is extremely easy to use

The user interface of the app is so effective, the user can immediately work her around it. Apart from doing a BSE, she can also order her medical tests online and sit for routine preventive checks at a discount.


4) Finds specialist doctors near you

If you want to get your breasts examined by experts, Brexa will locate doctors near you using GPS and book an appointment.


5) Gets you a second opinion

Brexa also assists in getting a second opinion from an expert radiologist about radiology images and biopsies from verified, highly qualified doctors, keeping all breast cancer-related woes at bay.

DNA testing

Approximately 70% of women diagnosed with the disease have no prior family links with breast cancer. However, 10% of cases are as a result of genetics. If the woman’s parent, sibling or child has breast cancer, the chances of getting affected by the disease double.

The presence of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in the body increases the chance of developing breast cancer by 10X. Brexa strives to encourage women to take a DNA test to predict their chances of getting affected by the disease in the future.

Here’s how it works:

1) Check if this test is available in your area from the mobile app.

2) If yes, then book the test on the app and complete the payment of INR 20,000.

3) The Brexa team will alert its lab partner, who will then send the blood collection team to your locality.

4) The blood sample will be collected in the comfort of your own home.

5) The lab will provide the results within 4 weeks.

6) You will be updated through your Brexa app as soon as the results are in. The results will come attached with advice from our resident physician.

Want to check your gene pool? You can start the process here.


Buy mammogram screening vouchers from Brexa. That’s right. Mammography is an expensive procedure and not every woman can afford to undergo it. That is why we offer vouchers at a discounted rate of INR 1,500. This can even be gifted and redeemed at our nearest lab.

Here’s how it works:

1) Purchase a mammogram screening voucher from our website. 2) The voucher will be delivered to your “My Purchases” page.

3) Print, show an electronic copy or download the voucher to your Brexa app by typing in the voucher code. Book an appointment at our nearest lab.

4) Once the test is done, our in-house physicians will review the report and add their advice

5) The report will finally be uploaded to your Brexa account which you can view from the app. You are also free to collect a hard copy of the report from the lab.

Book your mammogram screening now.

Over to you

As they say – prevention is better than cure. What are you waiting for? Download the revolutionary app and get started today!


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