[Infographic] Basic to basics: Types Of Breast Cancer You Should Know About


It doesn’t matter where you live, what religion you follow or what gender you belong to – cases of breast cancer are everywhere. In India, the situation is particularly alarming with over 8.8 lakh deaths estimated due to the disease by 2020. The worst part is that breast cancer is non-existent for majority of the population – until a near and dear one suffers or dies from it.

The number of regular breast screenings are also low across the country and this is despite the increased level of awareness about breast cancer. Our breast cancer expert Dr. Sreehari K Pillai MD, MRCP says breast cancer starts developing in the body about three to five years before it becomes symptomatic. Therefore, it is necessary to do a breast self-examination (BSE).

But do you even know the forms this cancer can take in the body? Guess not.

Our expert team at Brexa discusses different types of breast cancer one should know through an infographic. Check it out:


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