[Infographic] Keep Breast Cancer At Bay With These Foods & Beverages


Cancer of the breasts is such a disease that can start in different places, grow in different ways and often requires different types of treatment. Did you know there has been a steep rise in the number of women being diagnosed with this specific cancer in the last 20 years in India?

That’s right – it is high time we stopped taking breast cancer lightly and take steps to prevent it. One of the easiest ways to keep the disease at bay is by making dietary changes.

Just as certain cancers respond better to specific treatments, certain cancers respond well to specific foods. Breast cancer may be prevented if we ensure a diet that is rich in fibre, vitamin B, phytochemicals, allium, omega-3s, and more.

Here’s an infographic that gives a quick look at what one should diligently eat and drink, and what to completely avoid in order to keep breast cancer at bay:



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