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Testing For Breast Cancer? There Are Apps For That!


“Breast cancer? That won’t be happen to me!”

“Breast cancer? Don’t scare me.”

“Breast cancer? Haven’t thought about it!”

These are a few common reactions towards the leading cause of death amongst women aged 20-59 years across the globe. People still don’t get the point that they could have a disease growing inside their body, even if they don’t feel it.

You will be surprised to know India has witnessed a steep rise of breast cancer patients in the last two decades. An AIIMS report states 17% of India’s population is suffering from breast cancer.

Our team at Brexa thinks there’s no time left to continue ignoring the graveness of the issue. You shouldn’t fear cancer. In fact, you should be brave enough to take periodic check ups to increase your chances of preventing it.

Technology is revolutionizing oncology

Thankfully, the advancement of the digital landscape has given birth to many health and fitness apps (Google and Apple stores carried about 80,000 apps in 2016) for the ever busy and ever conscious consumer of today. For breast cancer itself, there are many apps to use.

Here’s a comprehensive list of apps perfect for breast cancer testing:

1) Beyond the Shock®

It’s one of the earlier apps on breast cancer. Launched in 2011, it was created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF) in collaboration with cancer researchers, doctors and medical experts. The user can learn about the types and different treatments of breast cancer.



She can even ask a question on the app which is answered directly by a breast cancer expert. The app also includes video testimonials of cancer patients.

Available only on iTunes for free.

2) Brexa

Brexa is all about empowering women, making them aware of breast cancer and helping them effectively prevent it. It is aimed at creating and continuing breast cancer awareness throughout life, and helps in early detection of breast cancer even when there are no specific signs or symptoms.

Using voice instructions and animated video, Brexa helps the user in examining breasts on her own at home. Brexa gives accurate information about mammograms and other advanced tests. It helps the user find the nearest mammography center and guides her to the right specialist to avoid delay in diagnosis.


Brexa also assists in getting a second opinion from an expert radiologist about radiology images and biopsies from verified, highly qualified doctors.

Available only on Google Play and Apple App Store for free.

3) B4BC

Boarding 4 Breast Cancer or B4BC, this app is a boon for those who find it hard to remember to examine their breasts. This mobile app can easily keep its users on track. Launched in 1996, B4BC is the original youth-focused breast cancer education foundation for health and wellness.

One amazing feature of this app is that it syncs real-time data with the user’s menstrual cycle. This way she is always aware of the breast changes that take place when the hormone levels fluctuate during that time of the month.



The user also gets exclusive access to the B4BC community which generously covers updates, news, and retreat invitations for cancer survivors.

Available on Google Play Store and iTunes for free.

4) Breast Check Now

One of the easiest ways to detect breast cancer early is to do a monthly breast self-exam. But the thing is it is a bit troubling to remember to do so every 30 days! However, mobile app ‘Breast Check Now’ makes sure it reminds the user when it’s time and also provides detailed instructions, clubbed with visual guides on performing the exam.

The user can create a schedule for herself depending upon where she wants to do the check up – after exercising, while getting dressed or in the shower. The app then reminds the user at that time. She can also write notes after each exam so as to monitor changes.



Available on Google Play Store and iTunes for free.

5) Your Man Reminder

Breast cancer doesn’t affect only women. Men too can get this disease. The lifetime risk of getting breast cancer for a man is 1 out of 1,000. The statistic may be lower than that of women but it isn’t wise to ignore it.

Your Man Reminder is an app that appeals to its target audience. Just like Brexa, this app sends reminders for checking breasts – using the TLC (Touch, Look, Check) method. The user can even send his male friends personalized “Man-O-Gram” reminders so that they too can check for signs and symptoms.



Available on Google Play Store and iTunes for free.

Over to you

Breast cancer starts developing in the body about three to five years before it becomes symptomatic. Therefore, detecting cancer before the symptoms become obvious is necessary to beat the disease. Next time you think you won’t get breast cancer, think twice.

Always remember: prevention is better than cure. Don’t forget to download Brexa for free here.

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